Why Do We Go To AMPs?

To go or not to go… That is the question.

When do I go to AMPs? For fun, excitement, and because I enjoy it. AMPs offer an experience like no other. You can’t go to many places where you can get a full body relaxation treatment. Most places will leave out one important part of your body.

I have realized that going to a legit parlour always has me feeling more tense than when I first walked in. AMPs go the extra mile to make sure you leave happy. Of course, your mileage may very, but for the most part, I am always leaving a happy man.

My reasoning for visiting these establishments when I first started this hobby was pure curiosity. After satisfying my curiosity, it because a very fun hobby to partake in. You will need some disposable income to engage in this hobby regularly. This is true for almost any hobby.

Before you decide to visit any AMP, please do your own research. Try to find as much information you can about the women that work there, the attitude, the environment, level of customer service, etc. Also remember to relax. These women know why you are there and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.


To cover or not to cover. That is the question.

For those that are not familiar with these acronyms, here is what they stand for: BBBJ (bare back blow job), CBJ (covered blow job). Considering the last couple of posts, it’s already assumed that I am in favor of a CBJ. Now I know what most guys are probably going to say, “I can’t feel anything with a CBJ”. I had my experience with both, so I’ll give my few cents on the issue.

The BBBJ feels better sensation wise. You can feel every ridge in the woman’s mouth, every bump on the tongue, and every time she adds more saliva. That is all great stuff, but a BBBJ has its fair share of risks. I’ll mention this again, if you are receiving a BBBJ from a masseuse, it is very likely that she has also offered it to other clients. I’ll let you figure out the potential risks of a BBBJ from a random masseuse.

What a BBBJ cannot fix is a masseuse’s attitude and technique toward a blow job. It is all about technique for me. I have experienced a masseuse that really did not know how to give a blow job. She was literally sucking on me. Some guys may thing this is a good thing, but you need to understand that this masseuse was actually sucking. It felt like she was trying to suck out all of my fluids from my urethra. It was very painful. Sure it was a BBBJ, but it hurt and caused soreness. She wasn’t going up and down the shaft or anything. She just wrapped her lips around the head of my penis and sucked on it. Imagine trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Attitude also plays a role in a good blow job. If your masseuse is obviously not into the deed, your experience will be mediocre. When you have a masseuse that genuinely likes to give blow jobs, you will be on your way to relieving more stress.

Back to the subject on CBJs. I’m a big fan of the CBJ because of the level of safety that is provided. I can focus more on having a good time instead of what my masseuse could give me for a lifetime gift. If your masseuse has good technique and the right attitude, a CBJ will feel just as amazing as a BBBJ. Here is a trick that one of my masseuses used on my to make sure a CBJ felt good. She added a couple drops of lube to the inside of the condom before the blow job. This simple addition made the biggest difference.

Happy hunting everyone

Staying Safe

In my last post, I described an event when a provider purposely did not use a condom. This post will be about safety. Visiting AMPs should be a fun experience. Do not allow yourself to be in a situation where you feel uncomfortable.

There are a couple of ways to stay safe when taking on this hobby. The safest thing you can do in this hobby is get an HJ only. In the right “hands”, an HJ can be a very pleasurable experience. It is all in the techniques of your masseuse. When you are with a masseuse that really enjoys her job and likes making customers feel good, you will have one of the best HJs ever. Experience is everything when it comes to an HJ. I have been with younger masseuse that really don’t know what they are doing. Although they have youth to supplement their looks, their technique kills the mood. Most young gals only know the basic hammering technique. At this point, you might as well save your money and do it yourself at home. Older/Milfy masseuses really know how to take care of a guy. From my experience, it is the older masseuses that really know how to play the teasing game. They also remember to take care of your balls as well. And if you are lucky, older masseuses will do even more to make sure you leave happy. One of the older masseuses I visited in the past had a cuddle session with me and used her thighs to get me off. This was simulated full service. She squeezed her thighs tightly around my package and let me pump away.

Receiving full service is something that everyone in this hobby has done at least once. Although much more risky than an HJ, it can be a fun activity when you take the right precautions. The number one tip that I can give is BYOC (bring your own condom). Like I said in a previous post, you need to be responsible for your own safety and health. Be sure that either yourself or the masseuse puts the condom on you. Make sure that it is rolled all the way down to the base and that there are no holes or tears. Finally, be sure that your condoms are not expired. The masseuse may have her own condom, but you do not know if they are expired.

The lesson to take home here is that you can never be too sure about what could happen from a moment of fun. Your provider is in this line of work to pay for their living. It is a safe assumption that she has probably been with many other men. If she has offered to go bare back, I will bet that she has done the same for others. This hobby can be ruined by catching something permanent. Take care of yourself. This is supposed to be a fun hobby.


One of the most frightening visits to an AMP in my life was when I forgot to think about safety first. BYOC stands for bring your own condom. This is probably one of the most important acronyms to remember in this hobby.

On a visit to one of my routine AMPs, my regular girl was not in. The mamasan tells me that another girl is just as good. She was much better looking than my regular girl and she gave a better massage as well. One the flip is when things got frightening. She made the signal for full service and I agreed. I thought this was going to be another walk in the park for me. I closed my eyes and just let her do her magic. When she was giving me a BJ, it felt much better than my regular girl. I was thinking that maybe her technique is that damn good. After the BJ she gets up on top and starts riding. I was in heaven! It felt so good. I kept on asking myself, “Why does this feel so much better than my regular girl?” I decided to switch positions so I can pound the life out of her and realized that something was missing.

This girl did not put a condom on me…..

I got so scared that I just put my clothes back on and left the building. I started panicking about the things that I could have caught from this girl. About a month and a half after this event, I got myself tested for everything. To my surprise, I came up negative on all of the tests. I was definitely relieved. I went through the same testing a few months afterwards and luckily, I was still negative.

The big lesson here is that you should always take safety into your own hands.

Stay safe and have more happy endings.

Your Favorite Brand of Asian

Asians come in different “brands”. What do I mean when I say “brand”? I’m talking about the many categories of Asian women. The brands are Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Japanese, etc. I’m sure I missed some brands, but I’m sure you can fill in what is missing.

In my area, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean women seem to be the norm. Between these three brands, I prefer Chinese women. What I am about to say is just my opinion. I’m sure that if I lived in a different area of the world, my opinion would be different.

From my experience, Chinese women are the way to go in terms of a happy ending massage. When I visited a Korean parlour, the women are dangerously hot. I swear that I could have blew my load just by day dreaming about them. They definitely know how to provide service. Unfortunately, the amazing beauty and service comes with a heavy price. A price that my salary cannot afford. This is the main reason why Korean women are not my favorite.

Vietnamese women will do the most, but will not enjoy it. The Vietnamese massage parlours that I visit are great. They seem to be the only ones that will walk on people’s backs. I enjoy it from time to time. It’s definitely unique. Vietnamese women will do anything for extra cash. They are by far the least costly happy ending massage parlour. Even today, I continue to receive full service at a price of $80.00. That is an extremely good price. Although the price is cheaper than Koreans and Chinese, the women are not enthusiastic about the job. They don’t have the same level of service or technique as Koreans or Chinese. In summary, Vietnamese women are not my favorite because of their lack of enthusiasm, service, and technique.

Chinese women will always be my choice when it comes to a happy ending massage. They are like a midpoint between Vietnamese and Korean women. Chinese massage parlours do not cost as much as Korean parlours, but they do not offer as many services per dollar like a Vietnamese parlour. What makes Chinese massage parlours outshine the others are their massage techniques. Chinese women have really good massage routines and techniques. This may sound like a stretch, but I would actually visit a Chinese massage parlour even if there was no happy ending. Fortunately for me, almost every Chinese massage parlour I have gone to offers the kind of ending I want. They definitely provide the best full body experience for the money.

If you have a favorite brand of Asian women, please comment.

Regretting Your Trip to an AMP

So… You went to an AMP, received your happy ending massage, tipped your masseuse and now you are back in your car. For some of you, you will be on your merry way. For others, you may be feeling some kind of regret. I was definitely one of those guys that felt some regret. The regret that I felt was based on the fact that I exposed to myself to a stranger and she gave me a hand job. I felt that this lady probably did not want to do it. When I look back on it, she probably did want to give me a hand job since I never asked for hand jobs. The hand jobs were just given. I felt a great deal of regrets when I first started getting into this hobby. I will share some advice on how to deal with the regret of a happy ending.

Regretting Going to an AMP

Some guys will feel some regret even stepping foot into an AMP even if they did not get a happy ending. With this kind of encounter, there should be any kind of regret. Guys in this situation should think of visiting an AMP as a way to relax. You are simply going to a facility that charges a very low rate for a full body massage to help reduce body pain and stress.

Regretting Getting a Hand Job from an AMP

Single men have almost no reason to feel any regret in this department. This situation usually applies to men that already have a significant other. Some would consider getting a hand job from your masseuse cheating. This is sort of a grey area. The absolute sure fire way to make sure that your quest for a happy ending massage is not cheating, is to ask your significant other if it is okay. To my surprise, some ladies are actually okay with it. The key word there is “some”. Another way to deal with this kind of regret is to ask yourself why you went to an AMP for a happy ending massage when you have a willing partner at home. If your answer is related to not being happy with your significant other, then you should end your relationship at that minute. If your answer to yourself is to reduce stress, then you should be okay visiting these AMPs. The key to going to AMPs without feeling regrets or guilt is to think of the trip as a way to relax. A happy ending massage is probably one of the best ways to relax and should be done more often. Think of the AMP visit as getting some “me” time and you have a masseuse that really massages every part of your body. At the end of the day, you probably don’t actually love your happy ending masseuse. Your happy ending masseuse is really just an expensive sex toy. Just remember to always come home to the only person that will always be there for you, your significant other.

Regret Having a Stranger Give You Pleasure

I had a long battle with this kind of regret. I regretted happy ending massages because I always told myself that these girls probably don’t want to do it. Throughout the years, I have convinced myself that these AMP girls do like giving happy ending massages. Whether it is a hand job, blow job, or full service, I am sure that these women like providing these services. Here are my reasoning. These women have perfect technique and really do know what men like. During their hand jobs, most AMP girls know the art of teasing very well and know other areas to stimulate while giving the hand job. Some even ask if what they are doing is okay. During blow jobs, most of the AMP girls that I have met really know how to use their tongue right. They have the ability to make a covered blow job feel better than an amateurs bare back blow job. During full service sessions, a lot of AMP girls really know how to work their hips and know when to tighten up or relax their pussy. One AMP girl that I met up with started tightening up her pussy when I was about to cum. That felt really good. To my knowledge, If they are taking the time to perfect their technique and are very service oriented, then they must really like their job. To these women, the act of providing a happy ending massage is just another service oriented job. They are driving to work. They clock-in. They probably hate their boss. They offer products/services to people. They have good customers, new customers, and repeat customers that they probably hate. They clock-out and go home. This sounds very familiar. This is how I got over my regret. I reminded myself that these women are just doing their job.

Small Black Dress in a Changing Room

Cute smile, great hair color, small tight fitting black dress, smooth blemish free skin… Special thanks to the first viewer to ever submit a photo to this website, Al B. Al, you seem to have a unique taste in Asian women. According to Al, this photo was taken in a changing room. I wonder what else went on in this changing room. Wish I was there. I wonder what kind of thong she is wearing under there? Keep the submissions coming.

The Uninspired Relaxation Assistant

So far, I’ve been talking about how great massage parlours are. This time I will share a story that will make you think more about selecting the right massage parlour and masseuse.

In a nutshell, here is the basic layout of a happy ending massage.

  1. Say “Hi” to mamasan/papasan and pay for either a 30 or 60 minute massage.
  2. Get into the room, undress, and wait for your masseuse.
  3. Masseuse rubs your back.
  4. Masseuse asks you to flip. Start having fun.
  5. Clean up.
  6. Massage over.

This is a very bare bones layout and should serve as a basic guideline for newbies to this hobby. One of my past experience was so horrible, I actually thought about discontinuing this hobby.

This story took place when I was really into the hobby and never had a bad experience. I decided to be more adventurous and try a place that is known for full service. Full service means getting more than just a lady’s hand. When I got there, Everything seemed to be going the way it should. I walked in, paid the entry fee, went into the room and waited for my masseuse, or in this case, the relaxation assistant.

The relaxation assistant that came in was much hotter than the other women I have seen at an AMP. The beauty of going to a different AMP is that you will get to see different women and you never know who you will run into. Anyway, she rubs my back as I had expected from my past experiences. When she told me to turn over, things went downhill fast. She said she was too tired to do full service, so I had to settle for the standard HJ. So I agreed. This lady dumps a hand full of oil on my dick and starts forcefully tugging away, literally. It actually started to hurt. Two minutes into it, she says, “Come on baby. Hurry up.” This session was going nowhere. The lady was really not into this hobby at all. She was the first person in this business that was very mechanical with her job. Not playful at all and no smile, not even a fake one. Eventually I did blow my load, but it was pretty much so she would stop.

The clean up was also horribly done. Usually these AMP girls clean you up using kleenex and hot towels. This lady decided to clean me up with an ice cold towel. I highly doubt she has many repeat customers. The way she cleaned me up also hurt. Think about having someone try to jam a towel up your urethra. That is exactly what it felt like. She really did not know how to handle a guy.

So to sum this up, I got to meet a hot masseuse, but ended up with a not so happy ending. The lesson for all you guys here is to search for reviews about certain massage parlours. Know who to avoid. As always this hobby should be a fun experience.

Getting More than a Hand Job

For a while, I have always been happy with getting a hand job at the end of every massage at an AMP. However, due to the kindness of one masseuse, I have been wanting a little more than the standard happy ending massage.

When I was first getting into the hobby of AMP-ing, I have come to expect some sort of happy ending every time. Hand jobs were always what I got for a long time. One day, I was going to one of my usual AMP to see my regular masseuse. Unfortunately, she was not in on that day, so mamasan decided to give me one of the newer ladies. The new girl was not at hot as my regular. She was also a little older than my regular, but I’m not complaining. She was probably in her mid 30s. I tend to think older Asian MILFs can be hotter than younger chicks and they really know how to service a guy. She leads me to the room and tells me to get comfortable.

The massage starts off as usual. Great massage techniques and lots of sensual soft touching before the flip. I was getting ready for the standard happy ending, but when I look down, I noticed that she put a condom on me. She said to me, “Relax and I’ll make this good for you.” I was in utter shock. She started giving me a blow job. This was the first time I ever got more than a hand job. This session just got really hot. I love surprises. The best part of this was that she didn’t mention anything about tipping.

It felt really good. She really knows hot to use her tongue right. Lots of licking and paid a lot of attention to the tip and head of Mr. Happy. Gave my balls a lot of attention, too. When she licked and sucked my balls, I felt like I was in heaven. Felt even more nice when she was deep throating me, too. When it was time for the grand finale, she pulls the condom off and starts using her nicely ripened breasts to finish me off. Left my load all over her chest.

Bravo to this lady. She really took care of a lot of my stresses. Younger girls should take some notes from their elders.